Signature Experiences


Activities that are INCLUDED in your stay with us, and like everything else at PARADISE FINCA… they are ALOT more than they seem!

Reserve your activity by the hour, so they we may ensure you get the maximum enjoyment by arranging professional, guides, gear, and SURPRISES!

Snorkeling (Included)

Life vest, mask, snorkel, brief lesson, and supervised snorkel session with certified diver, cold beverage.

Kayaking (included)

life vest, kayak, paddel, (for 1 or 2), brief lesson, description and destinations in the area.

Paddle Board (included)

Life vests, 2 person paddle board, paddles, (for 1 or 2), brief lesson, and description of destinations in the area

Fishing (included)

Fishing pole, first 2 live bait, cooking lesson if successful and decide to keep (or our chef will prepare it for you)

Swimming (included)

Life vest (if requested), general explination of the bay, supervised swimming session with a PADI Certified Rescue Diver on guard.

Bird Watching (included)

A pair of spotting binoculars, a brief description of what to look for, directions of where to go (in our natural reserve), to have the best chance to have an amazing viewing experience.

Hiking (included)

Sun up, and Sun down are the magical times at Paradise Finca, and a hike up the mountain proves it, each and every day. On the way up in the early morning, the fresh clean country air, envigorates you and motivates you to do something exciting and truly live the upcoming day to the fullest, and again at sunset, only this time the light bugs encountered along the way seem to only add to the effect that you are living a dream, as you recall the day´s adventures with a gigantic smile on your face.

Yoga (included)

Enchanting floating docks add to the serenity of the environment, and equipt with excercise mats, and wifi, the power truely is within you.

Meditating (included)

A true healing act for the mind body and soul, meditating is quickly becoming a trend the world over. People are paying a great deal of money to have sounds of birds, the whisteling breeze, and other sounds of nature sorround them as they close their eyes in search of peace and tranquility. You simply need to talk a walk in our highly protected natural reserve, find a nice spot, and try some of the breathing techniques our friendly staff is excited to show you.

Relaxing in the Jacuzzi (included)

After a hard day of play, and the cool of the night starts to set in, a hot jaccuzi is one of the best places to be. Relax you muscles, and if your ice cold beer runs out, no worries, apart from tent-side service, you can add jacuzzi side service as well, from our attentive staff.

Campfires (included)

What would camping be without a fire? Roasting marshmellows, (or optional smors), is a nightly activity (weather pending), at Paradise Finca, and maybe even a ghost story or 2!

Star Gazing (included)

Hours away from Medellin, and all the light pollution that comes with the MEGA metropolis, when the stars come out to play, they do not disappoint! Float your dock out to the middle of the bay to catch an unobstructed view of the night sky. If your smartphone is charging, ask us for our manager’s tablet, to open an application that will show you just what’s what!