Experiences like no other with memories of each and every moment that will last a lifetime is what you receive when Glamping at Paradise Finca.

Choose from one luxurious lakeside locations floating on the actual lake, or a real treehouse high up in the canopy of our private reserve overlooking Paradise Bay.

Of course if “roughing it” isn’t your thing, there is a dormitory in the main lodge, as well as the spacious presidential suite; complete with full private bathroom, and 2nd floor balcony overlooking the estate, as well as Paradse Bay.

Our Luxury

Go travel and see the wondrous magnificent destinations of the world, really enjoy and celebrate life, and when you do you will soon find yourself awakening to a view from one of our incredible eco-villas.

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Located in her own PRIVATE BAY, PARADISE Finca has 4 luxurious FLOATING Glamping Sites, complete with double sized beds, covered with pillows and Dubexs.. and even climate controlled tents!

Always securely tethered to land with a safety line, guests are welcome to move around the bay as they wish; stay close to shore, or float out to the middle of the bay for a dip in the cool refreshing pristine water during the heat of the day!

Get some sun, or obtain an unobstructed view of the stars at night!

ALL packages include a private washroom, welcome beverage and bed in the main lodge as well, for security of comfort in case of rare severe weather.


Stay close to shore, to take advantage of the cool shade offered by our reserve, or float out to the middle of the bay, to take a dip during the day, get some sun, or to obtain an unobstructed view, and star gaze at night!

A double occupancy standard, the lodging has a standard double bed, with traditional tables, chairs, and adjustable canopy tent, with climate control for ultimate comfort

(all packages include a full private washroom, laundry service, and bed in the main lodge as well, in case of rare, severe weather)

La Finca

The actual ¨finca,¨ (main house, or lodging on the estate), consists of:

the presidential suite; a spacious private room with full private bathroom (hot water), and private balcony, sleeps up to 5 people with double and single occupancy

the dormitory, with 2 shared full bathrooms, (hot water), sleeps up to 7 people, and consists of both single and double occupancy.

-comercial grade outdoor kitchen

-full wet bar

-KINGS table on a deck overlooking the bay for 12 people

-indoor seating for 12 people

-a jacuzzi



Our commitment to the environment is substantial and longstanding,  specifically in the departament (state/province), of Antioquia, COLOMBIA.

For over half a decade, our parent company J.J. Colombia Tours, has created phenomenal experiences in and around Medellin, but even more so has done it through a concept of, sustainable tourismSustainable tourism is the tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities, with the focus of putting real cash money, directly into the hands of the communities that support us.


This is apart from the national tourism tax that must be paid by every touristic entity to be legal in Colombia, and this tax as well, goes a long way in the constant development of these communities.


On a more local level, being deep in the country, Paradise Finca boasts a minimal waste policy, conscious purchases are made,  in addition anything that can be reused or recycled is, and only then, reduced and properly disposed of. We can enjoy every moment of our existence, but we can also do it responsibly.


Paradise Finca rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and all forms of sexual abuse of minors and contributes to the fulfillment of the law 679 of 2001.

Paradise Finca is a sub-division of J.J. Colombia Tours S.A.S. RNT #54030