Medellin`s (and indeed all of Colombia`s) hidden gem; GUATAPE, is only a couple hours away from the mega-city, but forever far from the clutter of civilization…

…and Paradise Finca,  in El Verde de Magdalena, is the great escape to peace, nature and tranquility, a must do over-night experience,  for those who seek out to pause,  take a moment, and TRULY enjoy life and all its pleasures!

find out more about GUATAPE, and El Verde De Magdalena


These are high quality excursions, with fully trained, fully prepared, professionally certified crew, 110%ready for multi-hour experiences, to destinations where everything has been carefully thought of to ensure maximum enjoyment.

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Custom Adventures

Our, ¨custom adventures¨,  are options that are included in our package deals, YOU CHOOSE what you wanna do that day,  and just like ALL of our adventures, you can expect that each activity is MORE than it appears!