LIfe is an adventure and meals are to be celebrated.

Dining in paradise is more than a delicious meal with the freshest ingredients infused into a mouthwatering presentation of local and exotic flavors for your palate to perceive…

…it is sitting with those, with whom we wish to share a moment of our lives,  and take a breath of fresh air, and maybe a long, slow, wiff of the bouquet,  emanating from your glass of wine, the essence of which, enhances the experience of watching the spectacular sunset behind the mountains, as the stars come out to play.

*Select from our menu, or let us know if you have any special requests.




The most important meal of the day,  whether you are an early bird,  late riser, accustomed to a light snack, or enjoy a continental breakfast,  our team will ensure you are ready to start off the day’s adventures right,  even if that day´s activities are just lounging around until lunch!

Fresh farm egg and cheese omelettes with wild mushrooms are one of the many optional favorites our team can prepare for you, of course, no need to rise, you can schedule bedside ¨tent-service¨,  and your fresh coffee and breakfast will be brought to you!


A versatile meal that can be prepared and catered to the day´s adventures, either at any time, on-time, so you don’t miss a moment of fun,  or packed up on the go, so you can eat on the fly!

Another option somewhere in between, (or even after), is,  BRUNCH, done buffet style, or traditionally served on our KINGs table, overlooking the lake.


Easily the most popular meal at Paradise Finca, in part to the spectacular sunsets, reflecting off the bay,  and in part to the magnificent meals and culinary creations our team assembles nightly, supplemented with the ambiance of a naturalistic peace and privacy rarely found in this day and age.

Relaxation is on the menu, as our dedicated team ensures you have all the ingredients to ensure there is nothing to want, except maybe to extend your stay!