Medellin`s (and indeed all of Colombia`s) hidden gem; GUATAPE, is only a couple hours away from the mega-city, but forever far from the clutter of civilization…

…and Paradise Finca,  in El Verde de Magdalena, is the great escape to peace, nature and tranquility, a must do over-night experience,  for those who seek out to pause,  take a moment, and TRULY enjoy life and all its pleasures!

find out more about GUATAPE, and El Verde De Magdalena


The area of, ¨GUATAPE¨ ,  (pronounced, ¨Gu-wa-ta-pay¨), was originally populated by local natives, as early back as the 15th century, then ruled by a type of indiginous monarchy system,  (lead by a prince or king), from which the town is named after today.

First declared a municipality back in 1867, Guatape would undergo its most significant transformation during the 1980´s after the completion of the Punchiná Dam, at the time (2021);  Colombia’s largest power station; The ¨San Carlos Hydroelectric Power Plant¨.

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The Punchiná Dam, drastically transformed the landscape, purposely flooding the area and creating a massive reservoir, capable of holding Over 72 million cubic meters of water, (58,000 acre⋅ft),  with a surface area of approximately 3.4km.  (1.3 sq mi), perfect for vacationing and water sports!

(apart from being a major part of the national hydro-electric industry supplying 70% of Colombia`s energy, and serving as the main source of freshwater for Medellin)

Verde de Magdalena

The reservoir itself has a surface area of approx. 3.4 km, however that is spread over approx. 96 square kilometers, and with all its inlets and islands, it is a labyrinth of waterways leading to all kinds of interesting places to visit and things to see.  (for those who know where to go)

Located in an area known as the, ¨Verde de Magdalana¨, (directly translated to the, ¨Green of Magdalana¨) Paradise Finca is in a region in the north western side of the lake, known for its pristine green countryside, and even more so, the Finca proudly boasts 50% of its property is a highly protected natural reserve that is home to a variety of local flora and fauna, (a constant variety of hummingbirds, butterflies and even light bugs,  to name just a few) and being in its own bay, marine and aquatic life are only a snorkel away!


The largest attraction to Paradise Finca, and the pristine green of the Verde de Magdalena, is it`s  peace and privacy,  as it is far away from the touristic helicopters flying overhead, or tourist boats constantly splashing waves on your ever achieving tranquility and che.

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Intricate Experiences

Adventures abound in a land with a perfect climate to do;  A B S O L U T E L Y nothing…

… to almost ANYTHING !!!

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The options are seemingly endless and are catered to your specific tastes, whether it be: Absolutely nothing (more than) lounging in a hammock lakeside, laying on the dock of the bay, catching some rays, or, in our private reserve, listening in peace, patiently waiting in sweet suspense, to see which resident butterflies amd humming birds decide to reveal themselves to you that day.

Or go and CHOOSE YOIR OWN ADVENTURE!! Options included but are NOT limited to:

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Being in a, ¨Tropical Mountain Climate¨,  seasons as the rest of the world knows them,  do not exist in Guatape.   There is no significant variation in temperature,  the only main variant between the seasons is precipitation,  or amount of rainfall each month.

Officially the most rain falls in the months of October, November, and December, with some verification to the old saying, ¨April showers, bring May flowers, ¨ as those 2 months are traditionally a little more wet than the others as well, however if you ask any residents they will laugh at the ¨rainy season/ dry season theory¨, as everyday in Guatape the weather is pretty much the same;

Temperatures from 15 degrees celsius at night (59 degrees fahrenheit),  to 25+ degrees Celsius in the sun during the day, (77 degrees fahrenheit),  sunny, partly cloudy, with a chance of rain, each and everyday of the year, is what you can expect.

This is what gives it that permanent springtime reputation and feel, as it’s always so nice out, always fresh, clean,  crisp,  tropical mountain air in the mornings, awaking you with the ambition of a young buck in the wild,  ready to go take on the day’s adventures!

Getting there

Arriving to the Verde de Magdalena, can be done in either vehicle or boat, however the easiest and most economical way is to arrive via one of the many package deals offered such as;


This is a 1 night stay option, (with extensions easily arranged),  that takes you, and your guest(s)  from Medellin, to the famous Penol Rock,  where you have the option to climb the 740 steps to see the view from the top, after that, to the town of Guatape, and after a guided tour of the Colonial, historic town, and lunch in the colorful pueblo, an hour tour, via boat ride on the actual lake brings you to Paradise Finca, where the real adventure begins, and after settling in to your luxurious glamping lodgings, it’s off to your pre-chosen adventure!!

After finally deciding to come back to reality, on your second, third, or even fourth morning, you are again sailed back to Guatape, for a nice lunch,  then back to Medellin, via our safe, professional, courteous drivers.

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