Off the grid Luxuriousness

Waking up in the fresh, tropical, mountain climate, the ambition to go enjoy the day is almost overwhelming and after a delicious breakfast to start you off right, the only thing to do is; CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!

Wild luxury

Deep in the Colombian countryside,  living in harmony with the flora and fauna We believe in a “Universal Attraction” type of Lifestyle that is all around us, Paradise Finca is proud to boast over 50% of it’s property is a highly protected natural reserve that is home to a splendor of resident and wild creatures and critters, chirping vieros, hummingbirds, and other visitors alike, which combined with the various views, will have you feel like you are waking up each morning in a fairly tale.

Choose your style of lodging; from 1 of only 4 exquisite FLOATING GLAMPING SITES, or if you prefer, a private room the the MAIN LODGE, with all the luxuries.

-check out the lodging options in more detail


What to do while in paradise, is entirely up to you,  and there really are NO LIMITS to options.


From tours to waterfalls, and “rare and interesting locations” (ask for details) ..to water sports such as: wake boarding, tubing, kayaking, bridge jumping, snorkeling, swimming, fishing and MORE…

…to other activities such as 4×4 vehicle tours to local towns, helicopter tours of the area, bird watching, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, yoga, meditating, relaxing in the jacuzzi, to camp fires and star gazing at night!

TIME is the most valuable thing we can share with one another, and following that philosophy, you see why we put so much attention into every detail, or “WOW FACTORS” as we call them, to ensure that each and EVERY EXPERIENCE is truly enjoyed to the fullest.

Thoroughly enjoying EVERY DAY, is not just our business, it our way of life.

Explore Experience


Sitting at 1880m above sea level, Guatape (and the surrounding area) has a; Tropical Mountain Climate, which basically means the weather is beautiful all year round, but not just for relaxing in the sun and watersports, but also for growing!

Apart from maintaining a natural reserve, PARADISE FINCA also grows her own (100% organic), fruits, vegetables, spices, and even coffee!

These healthy, natural ingredients are infused into our menu daily, and what we are not able to grow ourselves, including other fresh produce, meats, and specialty items required, are purchased from other like minded local farmers, further extending our policy of sustainable tourism of putting cash money directly into the hands of the communities that support us.

With these super fresh, super healthy ingredients, our team will prepare each and every meal, as its own unforgettable culinary affair worthy of an instagram post, of course, everything preselected by yourself, as just as your amazing day was, dinner too will be; a ¨choose your own adventure!!

Wet your appetite


Of course what would paradise be without a professional relaxation massage; (reserved in advance)

Just back from a quick dip in the lagoon to your awaiting masseuse and as you climb on the massage table, the view has you gazing into the depths of the lake, and as the fish seem to play in the water in front of you,  the combination of soothing massage, classical music, and scented candles, has you coming to the realization of why it is called, Paradise Finca.

Rates and Packages

Package deals are the best option when visiting Paradise Finca.

ALL INCLUSIVE deals with;  accommodation, boat tours, exquisite, sunset candlelight dinners, (with alcohol),  only inches above the crystal calm lake while the stars dance in the night sky,  fresh breakfast, and even transportation to and from Medellin are ALL INCLUDED in most packages.

If you are looking for something a little (or ALOT) more customized,  then feel free to let us know what you have in mind,  and we will create a true, CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!

From big birthdays, fairytale weddings, to bachelor (ette) parties, family gatherings, or corporate events, Paradise Finca is that perfect place to escape to and hold that EPIC event that your guests will remember for a LIFETIME!!

Simply contact our team to see what we can do for you!!